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Tackle Trading Trade Journal

September 5, 2017

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One of the most important things you can do as a trader is to journal your trades.  This short video, is to explain how to use one of our tools, the Tackle Trading Trade Journal.

At the bottom of this post, you can download the journal.  It’s what we use for our team to keep score, keep records and keep track of what we’re doing.

First, enter the account value.  The calculations will be done for you, at the top of the journal, as you fill out the information for the trades.

Line 1, Symbol.  When you make a trade, fill the information out box by box.  On the dropdown menu, choose credit if you received a credit, debit if you paid for the trade, Long stock if you bought stock, short stock if you sold stock.

Entry Date, Entry Price, Entry Size, these are all items you log for your trade entry.

Exit date, exit price, exit size, (as well as exit 2 information), allow you to log your trade exit.

As you log your trades, you’ll then get a Profit or Loss column populate on the right, the more trades you enter, the more data you have.  The more data you have, the better you can identify if you’re doing a good job, or not, and then make corrections and adjustments to your trading and your system.

Keep score!  Every trader needs to,

Get in the game.

Download (XLSX, 37KB)

Download (XLSX, 85KB)

Download (XLSX, 663KB)


25 Replies to “Tackle Trading Trade Journal”


    Thanks Tim. This does simplify things. My journal is a teensy bit to detailed. I like this.

  2. AnshulSharma says:

    Tim, thank you. this really good. Is there a diff journal for Covered Calls that we can download?

  3. AnshulSharma says:

    Never Mind! I see it is in there!

  4. ScottMills ScottMills says:

    Thank you Tim. This was a great help!

  5. Thomas Hammonds Thomas Hammonds says:

    I have worn the old spread sheet out. Thanks for the new updated one!!

  6. DaveKaufmann says:

    What a great tool! Thanks Tim

  7. WendyDulin says:

    Hi Tim! I just started using this. For current date, the spreadsheet lists it as #NAME?. I’m using Excel 2007. Is that the problem?

  8. FrancesK FrancesK says:

    I have the same problem too because my Excel is 2010. If I were on row 11, I’d change that formula to =IF(H11>TODAY(),H11-TODAY(),”expired”)

  9. FrancesK FrancesK says:

    Oops, actually blank cell is better than “expired”
    This will give you the days to expiration from today

  10. Rani Bush Rani Bush says:

    Thanks Tim. Great video, you explained it very well. I’ve been using a different journal, but am going to try this one out.


    Unrelated to the content, but is there any chance we can increase the font or change to a new font on the website? I have such a difficult time reading this font.

    1. I will pass this message along!


    Also, it helps if you have your zoom at 100%…lol It’s not that bad, after all…but these tired eyes wouldn’t be mad if the font were larger.

  13. Marius Posogan Marius Posogan says:

    Hi Wendy, please email me at “mcposogan”[at]gmail.com
    I’ll try to help you

  14. Marius Posogan Marius Posogan says:

    Hi Christy,
    If you are using Chrome, you can control the zoom with the combination Ctrl “+” or Ctrl “-“

  15. a simple trading journal! finally <3 thanks Tim!!

  16. KarlHoffmann KarlHoffmann says:

    this is great – thanks

  17. PAUL & NANCYCIRASO says:


  18. Look for the download link just above my smiling face

  19. reynoso2652 says:

    Hi there Tim, Noah, Mat, or any tackle member, are you guys able to tell me if this trading journal can also work for forex trading or is this journal not ideal for that?

    1. yes, you need to set the size to 10,000 for a mini lot

    2. Mark Justice says:

      To get the trading journal to work for FOREX you will need to enter the price with the PIPS for example, 1.1604 and then set the size to the contract size i.e. 10,000 or 100,000 depending on if you’re trading mini or standard lots. It takes some tweaking, but you can make the journal work for FOREX trades.

  20. CARLYNGUYEN says:

    Thank Tim, that’s exactly what I am looking for.

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