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TJ 198: 2017 Predictions

January 4, 2017

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Intro by Tim Justice
2:41 Market update

26:59 S&P predictions

32:12 Matt Justice and Rocky IV

41:03 S&P Historically and Price correction

53:39 Final words on the S&P

57:10 Dollar Predictions

1:02:15 Oil Predictions

1:04:54 Gold/Silver Prediction

1:12:12 Bitcoin Prediction and Warning

1:25:14 Wildcard Prediction

 Last year the coaches at Tackle Trading and the Trading Justice podcast were spot on with some of their predictions. This year let’s heed the advice of these bright wise owls. This podcast is one for the books that will have you completely informed and entertained. Great predictions and a solo from Matt Justice, no fear he hasn’t stopped coaching to pursue a singing career. Trading Justice episode 198 is here, enjoy

3 Replies to “TJ 198: 2017 Predictions”

  1. ERICSIMMS says:

    Excellent analysis, I love it, and the fact that differing opinions are posited and accepted. This has been an excellent opportunity to buy into precious metals again. Got to differ on the opinion that Trump is the problem and not the solution. Departure from mainstream career politicians will be a yuuuuge improvement. What you think he intends to do and what he really will do when the rose color glasses are off and it is time for the rubber to meet the road, will be divergent from your predictions of his intentions. He has already deviated significantly from primary race Donald Trump.

    Elitism is really rare in the USA, that is why it is great and we mint more millionaires and billionaires from common folk than all the nations in the world combined. Now that deflates elitaphobia.


    This was great! thanks guys

  3. timzapf says:

    Great podcast guys
    Love to listen and learn
    Thanks for all you do!!!!!

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