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TJ 199: From the Top of a Mountain

January 11, 2017

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00:52 Market Update

6:05 New Years Resolutions are for suckers!

9:27  Market Skyline

17:27 Dow over 20k?

22:17 Coaches Mailbag

30:54 Traders on the Clubhouse

37:15 Balance is Key

45:11 National Champ Predictions

49:39 Strategy of the Week

1:00:11 Clown of the Week

Another week another great podcast. In episode 199 we focus our attention on some new segments. The coaches take a bird’s eye view of the markets in Market Skyline. We also take some questions posed to our coaches from the community in Coaches Mailbag. With so many different trading strategies, how do you know what one to use? This episode we introduce Strategy of the week. All these segments and much more in Trading Justice episode 199.

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  1. DOUGRABE says:

    Great stuff, gents. Many thanks!

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