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TJ 211: Sector Rotation

April 3, 2017

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Episode 211 welcomes back both of the Justice brothers from a well deserves vacation. Many things have happened in the past week. And the Trading Justice Podcast breaks it all down and deliveries an up to date market recap with a bow on top. Are the bulls still running the market, or have the bears come to play?

Seasonality and sector motion is key in understanding whats hot and whats not. You don’t want to buy flip flops with snow in the forecast. Gain a better understanding of when each sector is at its best and when to avoid a sector in its down time.

Getting back to our interactive portion of our show with the Coaches mailbag and the questions are rolling in. The Coaches mailbag is just about full after a quick hiatus. We have one of our best Q & A sections to date, that you will not want to miss!

   Intro: Tim Justice

1:56 Market Skyline

26:07: Featured Presentation ( Market Rotation & Seasonality)

48:03 Coaches Mailbag

1:09:20: Clownshoes

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  1. ByronRanieri says:

    Thank you Matt and Tim!

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