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TJ 213: Trading Discipline

April 19, 2017

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The Trading Justice podcasts back for a 213th episode we are joined by Beth Salamanca. Beth is a mentor-student of coach Tim Justice. She’s been trading for over a year and is one of the best and brightest teammates the Tackle Trading community has. Her attention to detail and military background has accelerated her learning curve. Discipline in her opinion is the key to becoming a successful trader. Come get to know Beth as your coaches pick her brain about her trading experience. All of this after a thorough market recap and update. Things shaking up in the UK with Teresa May’s announcement of an early vote scheduled in the near future.

And as always, the coaches mail is full and your questions can finally be taken by our coaches. Sit back and enjoy episode 213th of the Trading Justice podcast.

1:53: Market Skyline

15:09: Featured Presentation

(Interview with Beth Salamanca)

50:41: Coaches Mailbag

1:07:00: Clown of the Week

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One Reply to “TJ 213: Trading Discipline”

  1. ByronRanieri says:

    Thank you sharing!, I lived in Argentina for a long time, i can really understand hyper-inflation.

    What’s more, i’ve lived what’s called “Corralito”, the banks froze the USD accounts and won’t let you borrow money from it unless you converted into Argentinian pesos or buy bonds with it.

    Before 2001, there was a 1 USD :1 ARS relation , now it’s about 1 USD:17 ARS

    That kind of thing shift your Currency thinking a lot!

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